This year in Texas our winter was very short. Some have commented we didn’t have one at all. I think of it as having a delightfully long Spring. Seasons in life aren’t always as we expect them to be either. As April fades to memory May ushers in a change of season again for me….

Go Color Your World With Hope!

2016 is like a white canvas before us! It’s a challenging year ahead for everyone.  There are tough decisions to be made as our country faces another presidential election and new threats to our safety and peace. There is debris from 2015 still to sort through and put right even as threat of more upheaval looms heavy on the…

Steady On

Love this post I found on facebook shared by Broken Believers. Photo credit: One step at a time…sometimes shaky steps. We sang a song (from the first chapter of the book of Joshua) at a church I attended many years ago that pops into my head at some critical moments… “Be strong and courageous do…

Faith Grows In The Midst

I saw this on Facebook and hope it is okay to share it here.  I couldn’t have written it better. It is what I have lived and how I have survived…prevailed!…through some very dark and painful circumstances.  You can do this! Find more at Simple Reminders.

Reflections from Settled Street

Originally posted on Hughs Wordquilts:
I walked today on a street called “Settled.”  The early sun cast long shadows across the road.  Houses were tidy with manicured lawns and decorative flags.  Birds tweeted busily among the bushes and trees.  A light breeze brushed my cheek.  It felt good to be on Settled Street today. Sometimes…