Unpacking Bits of Me

Do you know this feeling?… You have arrived at your destination and have begun to unpack when “AAAAgh!” you realize you left some important things behind! We probably all recognize that moment when we have to suddenly decide if we can work around not having those items we left behind…or must we invest in new…

Steady On

Love this post I found on facebook shared by Broken Believers. Photo credit: facebook.com/jesusisalifestyle One step at a time…sometimes shaky steps. We sang a song (from the first chapter of the book of Joshua) at a church I attended many years ago that pops into my head at some critical moments… “Be strong and courageous do…

Waiting To Land

I feel every mile of the separation today.  Separated from people, places, occupations familiar and second nature to me.  No brilliant blog inspiration, or even aspiration at this moment. Circling my destination waiting for a runway.

Faith Grows In The Midst

I saw this on Facebook and hope it is okay to share it here.  I couldn’t have written it better. It is what I have lived and how I have survived…prevailed!…through some very dark and painful circumstances.  You can do this! Find more at Simple Reminders.