Who is this person?


I wrote the blurb about me when I started the blog a little over a year ago.  Today I live in Texas, taking only what fit in the car and leaving behind people I love dearly and a storage room full of memories.  I am surrounded by family here as well and am working toward a more stable financial footing.  I work in a children’s resale boutique as a manager and get to flex my creative muscles in visual merchandizing. 

When my grandmother passed away recently my father found a manuscript I’d written, a children’s story, that I am now in the process of rewriting.  That is incredibly encouraging and fun. I still haven’t reached the point in life where I might have a date for the New Year’s Eve performance of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons playing locally this year, but I’ll get there.  All things in time.  Cheers!


Attitude, adaptability, contemplation, imagination, inventiveness, resourcefulness, laughter, faith, hope…things scrutable and inscrutable…all treasures and integral to me.

I am soon to be 53.

The age matters.  I’m happy to be this age celebrating the advent of being “on my own” for the first time. I will also cry lots of empty nest tears. But one has to keep moving forward.

The breadth and depth of experience enriches who I am and informs where I go from here. It is at once exhilarating and terrifying.  Paradoxically, I am confident and needing reassurance.

That’s the philosophical perspective I take when faced with huge challenges, but it works for me.

The nuts and bolts?…I grew up a transient Methodist minister’s daughter in Virginia and became a transient military wife right out of high school.  2 marriages, 5 children and 4 grandchildren later the game is afoot once again as I move back to Texas.  That’s where this blogging story begins during the summer of 2015:)


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  1. hi, I am 53 as well! Nice blog!

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    1. Thank you Lynz! Nice to meet you 😀

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      1. nice to meet you too!


    2. Thank you Lynz! Nice to meet you 😀 I just popped over to visit yours and I must say I can’t wait to try your recipes!!

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      1. Thanks! I will come visit you again!

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  2. jennymarie4 says:

    Hi, I was just replying to your comment on my post, What Do I Say? and I don’t know what happened, but now I can’t find your comment, or my reply. I’m so sorry! But anyway, what I said in my reply is thank you so very much for your kind words and encouragement. I agree with what you said about how people gather at the beginning of a crisis/tragedy, but the special friends are those who stay around for much longer. And you are so sweet to ask how I’m doing now with my empty nest. My youngest daughter, who’s going into her third year of college, is at home until mid September. So I’m enjoying her company, her laughter, and her presence at home, for a couple more weeks. I hope you are doing well! Thanks again for your very nice comment. Take care, Jenny


  3. Martta Karol says:

    Thank you so much for following my blog, and for thus giving me the opportunity to discover yours, too! I’ve been enjoying reading your posts, and love your images. I appreciate that you write with an authenticity, a willingness to share thoughts and feelings about things that matter in life, large and small, with an easy immediacy that sincerely connects. Lovely, flowing writing style, too–including some great lines! I very much look forward to reconnecting.

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    1. Thank you Martta! I value your feedback tremendously. It encourages me to keep going and feel a sense of purpose beginning to germinate.

      I really like what I’m reading of your work as well! The quote by Anais Nin at the beginning of Flying Girl resonates so strongly within me. I find myself immediately engaged in the story line and vested in what happens to Krista.

      I love that you have shared this chapter and I certainly look forward to reading more!


      1. Martta Karol says:

        I so much appreciate your encouraging feedback about my novel-in-progress, The Flying Girl. The project is my first effort to write fiction, and, having to learn the craft of novel-writing from scratch, it’s been quite a challenge, full of ups and downs through which I’ve fortunately managed to keep believing in my story, and in my ability grow the project. I’m loving the process, but I laugh when I think of how naive I was about the difference between the non-fiction writing (and reading) I was accustomed to and serious fiction writing. Frankly, though I have the current opening passages of the novel on my site, I am not at all sure how the first pages will read in my final manuscript. The story won’t have changed much, but I’ll have become better at telling it. And that’s part of the reward!

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  4. jennymarie4 says:

    I can relate to you… became an empty nester a couple years ago. But adjusting well for the most part! Look forward to reading your blog 🙂

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    1. Thank you:)
      I look forward to checking out your blog too! In fact I’m going to do that right now;)


  5. HI

    Thank you so much for the like and the follow on my blog

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  6. Katherine says:

    Hmm, this looks intriguing……… 🙂

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