Posting It Old School

This Christmas I am living quite nearby the town where I was born.  I’ve had the chance to do a drive-by gazing, passing the home where my grandparents hosted our family celebrations each year when I was young…and where my cousins and brother and I would be tossed together to play like the fondest of old chums.  That bit always felt awkward to me.  It started me thinking about my own grandchildren and how far apart they live and barely know one another.

Then I had an idea!


I could start a journal to mail between us and in some small profound way I could facilitate them becoming familiar with one another.  That energized me and I quickly thought to expand my idea and just make it a family journal adventure.

So, we’re going to post it old school.  Sure, we message and share pictures on facebook and skype once in awhile.  But there is something deeply resonant about the tactile process of writing and drawing and pasting things into a journal and taking in the subtle nuances of what others have contributed.


It’s real and touchable.  Their hand touched that page just as yours is and this little bit of something they glued in came from where they live and now is in the room with you!  Call me quirky, but I think it means something.  And I also believe that those memories that are made including that kind of tactile expression go deeper and last longer than a video chat on messenger (which is still a valuable thing to do!)

So off we go!  Embarking on this little endeavor with the goal of making it all the way through 2019.  How many journals will we fill?  How many hearts?  So far the response to my idea from my children is enthusiastic:)

(cue Lord Of The Rings music…)


(well, it made me laugh)


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