Unlimited Refills

Positives from pain…

Steadiness as we shake off the fairy dust of expectation

Standing up after being knocked down over and over again in small and big ways

Picking up and moving on into this day

Assured that life is what we make of it

Collecting and sharing treasure

With all the moments of our time

A valuable thing that has come of being knocked off my feet emotionally during the holidays is the dispelled myth of all things magical coming once a year.  I recall being in the midst of the decoration and celebration of the season and having a heart to carry that grace into the whole year…but by the time I was done racing to and fro over the river and through the woods, sputtering and out of breath, I hadn’t the energy to lug it any further!

But life offered me a chance for unlimited refills of the grace and giving that saturates Christmas by hitting the reset button on expectation.

Year after year I had set the lighted tree on a pedestal and pinned upon it all of my hopes for glad tidings and great joy.  It was more fragile up there than I realized.  One year it toppled and all of the decoration shattered.  Picking up the pieces gave me opportunity to reflect on all the pretty trees of the past…their shape and light and the magic of gazing into that glow and dreaming of the gifts of Christmas.

But the real gift people unwrap at Christmas time is love…and love doesn’t have a season.  Love has unlimited refills and is with us like a good cup of coffee through early morning madness and late night studying.  It informs and enriches and strengthens our living.

I guess pain puts things into perspective.  It provides a vantage point from which to examine the potential of every day.  I had pinned all of my hope on the success of that one holiday providing fuel for every other day of the year.  I got that wrong.  Enjoying that hope everyday is what energizes and decorates the season of Christmas with a light that can’t be dimmed.

Unlimited refills of the substance of Christmas all life long.

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  1. OMG (yeah I know a little dramatic) I was just wondering the other day where you had gone and you pop up today (telepathy 😂) I’ll have to catch up on your posts 😀


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