This year in Texas our winter was very short. Some have commented we didn’t have one at all. I think of it as having a delightfully long Spring.

Seasons in life aren’t always as we expect them to be either.

As April fades to memory May ushers in a change of season again for me. I don’t see all of the road ahead. We never do. And certainly there will be stormy times. I do, however, find it enormously comforting to remember…as an old hymn says…”I know not what the future holds but I know who holds the future.”

Ecclesiastes reminds me that there is “a season and a time for every matter under heaven.”

Birth, death, joy and heartache are part of the landscape. Each helps us become stronger and we have opportunity to experience life at deeper levels as we go.

The weather along our way isn’t always easy to understand. Sometimes we experience sunshine during pouring rain. Storms can pop up from seemingly nowhere.

One lesson particularly I carry forward:

My success along the way has much to do with remembering to smile and laugh through the dark days because it gives strength and health; and, be aware on the bright and sunny days that not everyone feels that warmth. Compassion, mercy, grace…the umbrellas and sunscreen we must share generously.

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    1. Thank you Island Traveler for your comments:) Admittedly I don’t do a lot with this blog, but I always hope that what I do write has meaning for someone else. I appreciate your feedback! Be blessed with a happy heart!

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