Put the phone down.

I have let this device take over my life.

It was an insidious coup.

But today I am reclaiming my leadership in the territory.  I found a remarkable little feature, tucked quietly in the back corner of my settings menu, called “Downtime”. It allows me the ability to turn off the cacophony of notifications while still being able to use my phone to connect to the internet. I can sleep undisturbed without missing an emergency call.

This may not be news to most of you out there, but this is revolutionary to me.

I am an extroverted introvert who has been feeling the increased heaviness of this phone in my hand. No wonder everything has felt chaotic…there were no filters or boundaries because I wasn’t aware they were available.

I grew up in the age of rotary dial phones. (The invention of push button dialing was a big deal)  The advent of voicemail equalled freedom of a kind. It allowed you to step away from the phone and go live your life while waiting for a call. With cell phones we are free to just take the calls with us. However, the downside is that healthy boundary lines begin to fade and there remains the need to walk away sometimes.

Well, that’s just a bit of introspection over my cuppa joe today.

Have a good one and keep smilin:)

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