Building the Happy Muscles

Gee, I write a lot about what I see deficient or confounding.  Maybe not here but certainly in my journal. The things I give my energy to are the things that will grow stronger.  So why on earth am I doing that?

As the Christmas Season becomes the focus of my retail workspace and I search Pinterest for display inspirations a smile effortlessly becomes part of my face!  There is something about Christmas…I know I’ve learned this before.

I am always determined to carry the heart of the season with me through the year.  Somewhere around March it begins to fizzle out.  This coming year my biggest resolution (yes, I know it’s a bit early) is to build my happy muscles.  Christmas is like the can of spinach that always gave Popeye his big muscles.  Well, I think that I can keep more spinach on the shelf by shopping for the blessings.  Make a list and check it twice throughout the day.

Even when the bad, sad, painful things have happened at Christmas and life crumbled like a dry cookie the magic was reborn inside of me.  It may have taken a few years after the separation/divorce knocked me off my feet (which happened to me at Christmas) but it’s year six now and life goes on.  Happy still happens.

Some moments take our breath away because they are amazing. Others because they hurt so badly.  And they keep hurting.  I have things in my life that break my heart everyday…deeply painful circumstances I can do nothing about but pray.  But I can’t let those situations suck the life out of my living. Sarcasm and snide remarks are too easy a bad habit to develop and really weaken the spirit.

So, I know that working through the hard stuff by writing in my journal is helpful, but there has to be a seeking for the good, the hope…because that’s what faith demands. Counting blessings…like reps in an exercise routine!



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