Unpacking Bits of Me

Do you know this feeling?…

You have arrived at your destination and have begun to unpack when “AAAAgh!” you realize you left some important things behind!

We probably all recognize that moment when we have to suddenly decide if we can work around not having those items we left behind…or must we invest in new ones or…well, we can’t just go back and get them now, can we?

Maybe the whole trip was a mistake…or at least the timing!

In unpacking myself and trying to settle into a completely new life here (a journey begun last September) I have faced this very situation.  I didn’t leave behind my blow dryer or favorite black dress, a cherished memento (well actually I did that, too by mistake) or even important paper work.  I left behind people and their very hard circumstances.

As I’ve unpacked particular bits of myself, trying to decide onto which shelf or into which drawer to place each one,  I’ve discovered that I left behind some important people but carried their problems with me.  These are things beyond my influence.  These are the griefs and pains we bear and have to learn to let go.  In letting go we don’t stop caring or praying or believing.  What I mean by let go is that I had to let go of feeling responsible for fixing everyone’s broken stuff.

I’m still working on it.

Time to put this away for now and get to work.  A better day ahead.


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  1. noblethemes says:

    “Unpacking” yourself can be an arduous, even draining, experience but also (eventually) an unimaginable blessing as well. Blessings to you as you continue unpacking bits and pieces of yourself!

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