A New Year

This morning Facebook reminded me of my blog post from a year ago today.  I was on my way to Texas to start a new chapter in life. This blog was going to blossom and thrive as each new day in a new life unfolded.

And then it didn’t.

I got homesick and depressed. Countless times I questioned if this was where I should be as family upheavals played out.  Not much was going as I imagined.

And that’s the rub, isn’t it?  Sometimes, in spite of faith and positive attitude, life just doesn’t go the way we want it to.

This has been a year of turning to face realities I don’t want to see.

It has also been a year of growth.  Growing pains are unavoidable.  Sometimes our arms and legs grow out of sync with the rest of us and we feel awkward…gangly. The challenge then is to find a sense of humor and learn patience.

No big decisions or declarations today about goals. Just peering out past this privacy into a world that’s reminding me it’s there.





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  1. artmaker29 says:

    Simple, straightforward, “real life!” Thank for sharing .

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