Building The Big Stuff

I have always been in absolute awe of those who built the big stuff using rudimentary tools.  I feel like it would have been pretty overwhelming to take on such a task.  The problem for me at this point is that the tools are too sophisticated.  I feel like an ant staring up at a monolith when faced with the technical building blocks of a successful blog or the process of publishing anything.  It’s not honing the writing skills that seems so daunting. It’s the world of plugins and things like twitter.  I like the idea of writing by the calm shore of Walden Pond but not so much on a raft bouncing along a raging river, which is what this whole thing feels like to me at the moment.

I am receiving a healthy amount of encouragement to keep writing.  Dad and Mom also gave me a subscription to Writer’s Digest and  a book On Writing Well by William Zinsser.  I love them both – my parents and the publications.  Although, when the bold article title “Master the Business of Writing” jumped off the cover of my first issue I wanted to hide!  (and that was just the title!)  As I page through the magazine a vision of myself appears:  pencil behind my ear and the background music of an old iron Royal typewriter playing in my head,  I slump to the floor…manuscript papers falling in disarray around me… realizing I have absolutely no business in this business because business is one thing I have never done well.

So what is one to do?  I may have the capacity to write well, but who cares if I can’t figure out the system by which it gets read?  Do I even have the energy at my age to figure out these things?  These systems and tools evolve so quickly! (which evokes an image of a couple of my grandchildren…as well as my inner 6 yr old…making fists and stomping a foot in protest)

Nevertheless, I will forge ahead,  grabbing a limb or two as I am inevitably tossed into the drink from this bouncing raft.  (I wish I could afford a good rafting image to put with this post!)

Maybe I will find a good story life line in the process of  hanging on!





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    1. Thank you so much! I have been away from my computer for a few days and just now saw this. What a wonderful message to see:) I can’t wait to get back from work and follow through.

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      1. Congratulations 🎊 can’t wait to know more about you!


      2. Thank you again for the nomination! I finally had a chance to respond:) Sorry to have been so slow.

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