Should I Give?

When I see the beggar on the side of the street, should I give?

Will they use my money unwisely?  Am I enabling them?

Recently these questions were expressed to me by a woman who obviously had a heart of compassion for a family begging for help.  My encouragement to her was this:

If your heart is moved to give than give.  You are not responsible to determine the worthiness of the recipient.

If they are receiving under false pretenses that is their burden to bear.

I sought discernment about this question after giving to a man with a sign who then boasted about the money he had made and how it was more than working a job would bring.  It shocked me.  I wasn’t prepared to hear that, and it made me want to take my money back.

Perhaps, rather than handing out money, we can go prepared to give something useful that will bless our heart in giving and their life in receiving…maybe some bottled water, non perishable items…things we carry with us because we go through life ready to love.







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  1. Ann Coleman says:

    It’s always a tough decision, but I think we can only do what we think is best. We choose whether or not to give, the recipient chooses whether or not to use our gift wisely. A very thought-provoking post, thank you!

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  2. I keep granola bars and dog treats in my car. They’re really inexpensive at the Dollar Tree or anywhere that has a coupon. Anyone who is truly in need will appreciate the food and the ability to give their dog something as well.

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    1. Dog treats! I hadn’t thought of that. Good idea:) Thanks!


      1. It breaks my heart to see a dog standing out there too 😦


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