Paradigm Shift

“Oh my god! Use the clutch! You’re going to ruin the transmission. Do you know how expensive those things are to fix!?!”

Okay, so my transmission is actually an automatic…but that has been part of the problem.

Driving with a manual transmission at least you know when you’re doing it wrong.

Shifting paradigms from rural settled America to up and coming little cities near Dallas has challenged me to remain authentic.

My insecurities have been hanging from my door like a wayward seatbelt.  MY GPS doesn’t need to recalculate.  I’ve got this.  I had tossed out the visions of my (someday) furnished apartment in favor of a style that would make a good impression.  It is actually my preconceptions needing to be challenged.  The whole Dallas culture, replete with impressionist images, has challenged me.  I’m not polished. I don’t have my nails done at a salon…or my hair for that matter.  I have no idea who the current hot purse designer is and I want wicker furniture in my living room.

And if I ever fall in love again, it will be with someone who thinks that’s perfect!

more to come…eventually. Everything in its time.

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  1. noblethemes says:

    Not that I’m an informed culturalist, especial upon the Dallas area; nevertheless, I’ve been to Texas (including the Dallas area) enough that I think it’s safe to say you don’t need to be perfectly “polished,” or have your nails done at a salon, etc. 😉 My impression has always been that most Texas folk are (at least fairly) warm and friendly, laid back and casual. At the same time, the whole Dallas/Ft. Worth area ~ very large, indeed ~ has become multi-cultural and pretty much mult-everything! LOL I’m sure you will adjust very well and fit in just fine! All the best to you, once again, and blessings! 🙂

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    1. Well thank you:) Actually, I lived here many years ago in a more established area of the metroplex. My current location is very new. Sadly, the little status symbols I couldn’t have back then were what tempted me now that I could have them. But I don’t really care about fitting in to that crowd now. Returning to an area after almost 2 decades and so much change in life is maybe a little like walking into a high school reunion and realizing you don’t really identify with that place anymore and the fun of the reunion is finding out who people are now and being who you are now with them 😉

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      1. noblethemes says:

        Well … in that case, this can be both fun and challenging… Certainly an ongoing adventure! 🙂

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