No Cuppa Joe

Life is full.  My job offers me a generous creative outlet and has been my constant companion in recent weeks.  But all of my inspiration has been channelled in that direction.  I have taken my cuppa joe on the go, not stopping to hang out much.  I’m in the process of finding a new balance….

It’s All About Attitude

Originally posted on Muddling Through My Middle Age:
Last Friday night, my husband and I took some very good friends to the local “Balloon Glow,” which is an event held the night before the Great Forest Park Balloon Race. Everyone gathers in the park to watch the giant hot-air balloons being blown up, and after…

Paradigm Shift

“Oh my god! Use the clutch! You’re going to ruin the transmission. Do you know how expensive those things are to fix!?!” Okay, so my transmission is actually an automatic…but that has been part of the problem. Driving with a manual transmission at least you know when you’re doing it wrong. Shifting paradigms from rural…