Brilliant! I loved reading this. Lucinda E. Clarke is someone with whom I would so enjoy being friends! You brightened my day, Lucinda dear 😉 Bless you. (still enjoying a good laugh as I go off to make lunch and rescue my grandson from his swing…maybe not in that order)

lucinda E Clarke

Well it’s Monday morning and time for me to write a brilliant, witty and side splitting blog – well OK you might have other ideas, and so does my brain. It is indeed a small miracle that I have anything to type up this blog, as laptop, plus cables, nearly went over the balcony yesterday. What with Chrome freezing up and the new Windows 10 deliberately hiding all my own settings, and a new safety programme giving me irritating little pop ups that obscured the post button on Facebook – which then froze up all by itself.

WIN 10

Don’t you just wish those irritating techies in their parkland surroundings in America would just back off and stop changing things? It’s what they do all day.


“Yeah!” They exclaim. “It’s about time now those old wrinklies have finally got to grips with Windows 7 or 8, so let’s throw them a curved…

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