Stop Trying To Be Happy!

This is a great contemplation by Dream Big, Dream Often.
As for my experience, happiness/fulfilment is a byproduct of living conciously with authenticity, owning your mistakes, accepting and adapting in each situation during each day until it is as natural as breathing. I have set many frustrated goals, but since I have been just living as me (of course it took a lot to get to that point and is an ongoing process) the things I tried and failed to obtain have become the result rather than the goal.
I ecourage you to read this reblog and courageously look at life and maybe a new paradigm;)

Dream Big, Dream Often

I was talking with my friend Stephen several weeks ago about life in general while we were grilling out. In our discussion the topic of happiness came up and both of us came to the same conclusion: people that set their goals around “being happy” are in for a frustrating life. I have spent more time kicking the idea around in my head and decided to put some thoughts down on paper.

I do not have a plan for this post so I am going to free wheel it and see where we end up.

The basic premise of our talk was that happiness is such a relative concept that striving to be happy as a life goal is futile. So that we are all working with the same understanding of happy, The Oxford Dictionary defines it as: feeling or showing joy or contentment.

Here is the problem I see…

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