Of Complacency

WOW! This really resonates with me right now! I am so taunted by the whole approach/avoidance thing today, yesterday…realzing the enormity of starting over. So this post from The Last Of The Idealists’ blog really hit the spot! Hope you enjoy reading it too! Check out the whole blog beyond just this post;)

21st century-style idealism

It’s funny (although, upon further consideration, sad comes to mind as the more appropriate word) how we declare that we thrive on and desire challenges, but at the first opportunity we’re faced with said challenges our reactions range from cursing our karma and bad luck to simply sticking our heads in the sand and avoiding to tackle whatever life throws at us for as long as humanly possible. No wonder ghosting has become such a current tendency – if you ignore it for long enough, it might just go away on its own.

There’s few things I hate more than complacency. I almost think it should be a mortal sin. Oh, wait, I guess it is – the Bible calls it sloth. OK, OK, so maybe it’s not technically quite the same thing, but probably a close cousin. Leaving the realm of religion for a bit, complacency can be the worst…

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  1. noblethemes says:

    Acedia is what it used to be called … 8 mortal sins instead of just 7. LOL But acedia plagues our world, for sure… One good book (and I can’t remember the author’s name) is, “Acedia and Me.” Great write; very appropriate.

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