What’s In My Hand?

Perhaps we have the most influence over the climate of our society as individuals.

Rather than differing groups pushing against one another for change, or just “letting them have it” because they’re destructive/harmful (and, of course, we’re not…really!?!) and we have the freedom to cut loose on them…

…rather than that, might there be a strong case for deployment of a different strategy?  Is it not indeed much more likely that we will find the change we want to see in society when we find it within ourselves first?

Actually, our society is already a reflection of what we find in ourselves.  And taking the speck out of your neighbor’s eye before you remove the log in your own isn’t getting the job of progress done.

The sad reality I see is that not everyone wants a society where there is love, mercy, hope, enlightenment, and progress.  Maybe that is the point of acceptance I wrestle with.

The angry comparisons and finger pointing are set in such contrast to what’s actually needed.  Forcing change on others is different (and maybe in some ways easier?) than being the change we want to see.

I guess we lack a common vision though.

And no neat ending to this train of thought presents itself.

But it comes down to this…individually we choose the qualities of our society.  Love can only triumph over hate if it does so first within the individual.

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  1. noblethemes says:

    Thich Nact Hahn says in his wonderful book on peace, “If you want peace in the world, you first have to BE peace.” And I believe it was MLK who said (and perhaps I’m not quoting exactly), “Only light can drive out darkness; only love can drive out hatred; only peace can drive out violence.” I think that’s what I take from your wonderful post above! Continued blessings on your journey!

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    1. Thank you. I listened to a lot of discouraging radio on my drive to Texas this past week which prompted my post.

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