1st Cuppa Mornin’ Joe On The Road

Morning Joe on MSNBC  provides my background noise while I’m waking up in this simple, yet comfortable, motel this morning.  When I arrived in town last evening, inticed by pillow-top advertising at a familiar hotel, I chose being able to afford dinner (compliments of Food Lion) over amenities.  I had daydreamed of walking off the day’s confinement on a treadmill and maybe a soak in a hot tub…

…but earlier yesterday morning, after taking my youngest to the airport (awesome suprise visit!), I had a flat tire. And now I am adapting.  Because that’s what we do to prevail!

Even as we step out with determination I think it must be said that adaptability is a key ingredient to success.  We persevere and find hope.

Before leaving town this morning I will have an analignment done…which really should have been done yesterday.  Also this morning is a mental alignment taking place.  There were SO many bumps in the road just trying to leave town yesterday.  In my mind’s eye I caught site of mischievous spirits holding onto my ankles as I headed toward the boarder.  In my periphery were the thumbs up from my encouragers and on I pressed.  So I didn’t want to stop, yet again, to have my tires aligned.  But, this morning brings with it a wiser inner council that tauntingly puts forth, “Are you really going to let one person (from the discount tire store nonetheless) telling you it’s okay to drive 1200 miles out of alignment override your gut?!  Trust me, you have plenty of adventure without inviting the dragons personally! :-P” …yes, in my mind she made that face!

And now the television…a novelty to me as I don’t own one…is making me crazy. Off it goes and on I go Westward Ho!

Next stop somewhere in Tennessee! Yay!

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  1. As I’m working backwards (work all week) Your going to save $30 in two days and get a real nice room 😉
    Great posts.

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  2. artmaker29 says:

    Glad things worked out.

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  3. artmaker29 says:

    Wheel alignment affects tire wear and ride stability. Can’t imagine someone told you it wasn’t necessary to check the alignment when you bought the tires. Guess that’s how we learn, eh? Glad you had a good night’s rest, and blessings on your way.

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    1. I had a garage full of Christ following mechanics at Radford BP station! I was well looked after there;) It all works out:) I’m thankful you have taught me to think for myself!

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  4. noblethemes says:

    Good for you! And continued blessings along the way… Tennessee is stunningly beautiful, at least central and eastern Tennessee!

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