The Video Store

I worked at a video store.  Did I ever tell you that?  Last night after locking the door, I put my key inside of a movie case and slid it through the night drop.  The final act as employee for one of the best managers with whom it has been my privilege to work.  And the owner is a champion in my book…going against the odds to offer an alternative to the impersonal red box in Strasburg, Virginia…a small town struggling to find viable long term businesses to occupy its lovely historic area.  There is also a tanning salon and Radio Shack in the small storefront!

It was one of my favorite jobs.  I frequently worked alone and was given autonomy in customer relations, sales, and creative endeavors.  My customers will remain with me always in spirit.  I met so many great people from behind the counter of that store.

On my way home I started to cry and I anticipated feeling rather sad today.  Surprisingly though, upon waking I felt “new”.  It’s perhaps a tiny grace to assure me that saying goodbye won’t be as agonizing as I have anticipated. Perhaps it’s part of a realization that these people are part of me and I carry them with me in one way or another.  This is the first time I have moved far away since social media has become like breathing.  I will still see the ones I love on facebook, in email and text and Skype.  If we can nail down the virtual hug we’ll have it made!

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