Rosy Glasses

I prayed “Open the eyes of my heart”

And then I covered them with rosy glasses

Not to diminish the view

But to remain hopeful

In the midst of despair

There is a healing taking place since my divorce.  I am stepping out beyond myself again and discovering that sorrow and anger and loneliness across the globe have only grown. Or perhaps technology that I now have helps me become more aware.  The poverty of spirit as well as that of shelter, water, health care, and food is overwhelming to see.

I know that when I have been down, injured, frightened and despairing the ones with the rosy glasses are they with contagious enthusiasm and courage awakening my curiosity and stirring my desire to get up and keep trying.

Dream Big, Dream Often has a helpful post 7 Organizations That Will Help You Learn To Give.  Exploring these avenues is a challenge to which I look forward.  I can maintain a hopeful outlook even as the eyes of my heart are opened more and more.

Blessing and Peace to our World In Need.  A-men.

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  1. noblethemes says:

    Amen and Amen. And Continued Blessings Along Your Path of Healing and New Life Adventure! JN

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