Vienna, Italy, Paris

I just discovered Fav Foto Friday on Sandy Hogan’s site Scribbles and Musings Of an Introvert.

It’s fun!  Visit her blog and give it a try!!

The photo I have shared on this lovely Friday is from my trip to Austria last year on my birthday weekend in September.

My daughter-in-law and I were all set to travel to Venice, Italy and then George Clooney decides to get married that weekend (sincerely happy for you George!) so we thought it better to choose an alternate destination.  Since her grandfather had loved Vienna, Austria and she had never been we chose that instead.

In a lovely garden, not far from our hotel, we saw this man in a horse’s head costume playing accordion.  Brilliant!  In one moment Vienna, Italy, and Paris intersected!  (the horse head made me think of The Godfather…thus the Italian connection…and I often dream of visiting Paris, especially when I hear accordion music on my Pandora French Cafe station!)


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  1. sandyvern says:

    Great photo!!

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