Off The Cuff and From The Heart

Before I get back to work I want to share something from my heart.  It’s not prepared, so bear with me.  This is more “stream of consciousness” than I usually write.

I finally had  a day off yesterday and decided to ignore inclinations to feel guilty about taking some time to retreat and nap.  It helped so much to shed the weariness that had accumulated over the past two weeks.  Wow!  I even finally took a look at a book my mom had given me recently called Weavings, A Journal Of The Christian Spiritual Life, Aug Sept Oct 2015 Issue.  I turned to an entry titled Hunger by Lindsey Krinks and ran right into myself.  Not in a comfortable way either.

I remember a time a decade ago when I hungered to serve.  But life has seemed to get all turned in on itself and…off key.

So much of life has become all about me, my family, our challenges and frustrations…some of which have been and still are very serious.

Still, it’s too much about me.  Even the blog posts have been surface level for the most part.  Just getting my feel wet, not really delving deep into content.  What could happen if I wrote from the heart and not just my head? It’s good to be reminded of the call and feel stirring inside.  How will this play out authentically as my life intersects with the world I wonder?  We’ll just have to see!

In the mean time as I make this pilgrimage from here to there I think I’ll tune into Weavings for further inspiration and exploration.  I hope you take a minute to check it out, too.

You just never know when something you glance through will be exactly what you needed to see. 🙂

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