My life, already at its chaotic peak, has been disrupted because my wifi was suddenly disconnected when my son moved to his new apartment Saturday.  We’re all moving out and in our own directions, but I must have been in denial about the wifi moving with him.

I am having withdrawals.

One more challenge to my resolve to blog.  So here I sit, a mile down the road at 6:30 in the morning, paying $1.99 for an hour of wifi at Love’s Travel Plaza to compose a blog post.

I thought restaurant wifi was free!

Where is my blissful routine of waking before the alarm, groggily assembling my cuppa joe and letting the thoughts flow? The very premise upon which this blog was created!

I’m cranky.

A veritable circus has pitched tent at the entrance to my sacred space.

Is this an anomaly or just to be expected when trying to dedicate time to writing?


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  1. noblethemes says:

    Oh no! But, hey, hang in there; it’ll come! You’ll be able sit comfortably in the morning with your “cuppa joe” and work on your blog… It really will; it’s just frustrating right now. I’d really chalk it up as more of an anomaly … Challenges, yes, but you’ll “find your stride,” so to speak. All the best to ya’! 🙂

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    1. Thanks;) It’s been a long hard day and finding your comment made it a bit better.

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      1. noblethemes says:

        Very glad to hear! 🙂

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