Steady…steady on now.  One step at a time.  Oh, the bright light of day is relentless after a night like that.

…the dreaded heavy thinking hangover.

Awake in the middle of the night. No air condioning. Fan buzzing away keeping me sane with streams of the coolest air available. I was asleep. Darn!

Well, fine then.

And I begin thinking over the day. A very emotional time right now, but a good day. My Kindle taunts me from the pillow next to me…light still on from falling asleep watching Sherlock Holmes earlier.  So I pick it up to turn it off. Oh well, one quick check of email can’t hurt…

Three hours later I am finally going back to sleep. I knew better. But accomplished writing my “about” page (titled Who Is This Person) and a page titled Aspirations.  And it was time well spent reading other blogs.

It’s just that my brain turned on when I awoke to process mode and soon I was weighing and considering things deep and wide…with a side of emotion, thank you very much.

Now it is morning and I hurriedly return to my blog to make sure there are no regrets about what I posted. Ha! Anyone know this feeling?

Most thinking hangovers come from so many connections and intuitive leaps suddenly resulting in epiphany that I just can’t think any more about anything for awhile.  (Thankfully that only happens occasionally.)


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  1. This could be an interesting journey, great start to be sure 🙂


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