“Hey! It’s like Diagon Alley!”

I exclaimed as we turned the corner in Rudesheim am Rhein, Germany.  Gau Algesheim and Rudesheim most captivated my imagination during my 5 week stay in Germany last year.  Walking those streets felt like walking through a storybook from childhood.  And yet I only saw post cards of coastal castles and landmarks, which are certainly magnificent indeed. However, I had hoped to find post cards that captured the magical experience I was enjoying to share with my peeps back home.

I did bring home beautiful pictures.  I would share more but I don’t quite know how to get more than a featured image onto my blog.  Maybe I need a different template?

This is the first post from my Kindle…yay! WordPress rocks!


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  1. and a big kefi hug right back!


  2. Stunning! I half-expect Dumbledore to come crashing out of a shop 🙂

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    1. Oh thank you:) It is so wonderful to share that experience. It was a magical moment for me!

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    2. I love Runaway Smile, by the way! Just bought a copy for my oldest grandchild:)

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      1. That is such a sweet thing to do! Thank you so much! I’m sending you a big hug from Greece 😀

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  3. noblethemes says:

    Well, your featured photo is beautiful! Sounds like it was, indeed, an exciting visit!

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  4. Jeyna Grace says:

    It is indeed! What a lovely place!

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    1. Thank you! Jeyna, I have enjoyed reading on your site during my sleepless hours tonight and imagine you would love this alley with its fantasy like ambience;) Your writing is very engaging! The first thing I read was chapter 39 in the clubhouse and I’m hooked!


      1. Jeyna Grace says:

        Thank YOU for spending time on my blog! I’m glad you think so. I do hope you’ll continue to journey on this blog series with me 🙂

        And yes, that is one alley I could spend hours in. Very magical indeed 🙂

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  5. Moritz says:

    So many little German villages are just lovely. The small streets are something to die for!


    1. I also got to visit Vienna, Austria while I was in Europe…also amazing, but in a different way from the smaller towns/cities. Thanks for your comment!:)

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      1. Moritz says:

        I totally see what you mean. Metropolises are very special, too, but the culture of a country can be seen best in little towns 🙂

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