Waking Up To WordPress

BEEP!BEEP!BEEP!  The alarm is set to go off at 7am.

Wide awake I am…at 6:30.  Always hoping for that last half hour of sleep.

…And right away I am thinking!  Yes, fully engaged in thought.  Not just the small stuff either.  It’s the depth first search (DFS) algorithm.  Autopilot directs me to the kitchen for coffee.  Once fueled my search engine revs up for whatever time I can devote to subjects on board my brain.  I love mornings when I can just think about stuff.

Now not everyone, I’ve been told,  experiences morning in this way.  But that’s okay…it’s all good.  Particularly since this morning when I realized blogging could be a cool way to share my pondering and maybe a little conversation along the way.

So here I am with my cuppa joe and thou. (Granted, it’s now 1:10 in the afternoon)

What hast thou been pondering?

Do you wake up automatically thinking about stuff?

What led you to start a blog?  Or what’s kept you from writing one? (I have put this off for a long time because I couldn’t figure out a theme)

So, tomorrow I will share my morning thoughts over coffee.  (Assuming my kindle will let me post to WordPress since right now I’m on the computer at work…shhhh)  Always with a sense of humor.


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  1. noblethemes says:

    Welcome! And good for you; also glad you’re able to post from your Kindle! Let your ideas, stories, musings and whatever else creatively flow … and have fun! All the best to you!


    1. I appreciate the comment! Until September (when I can purchase a laptop) my Kindle is my link to the world online for the most part. It’s slow typing and editing but this is so much fun so far it hardly matters;) I am working my way through the list of responses to my posts, intrigued by the things everyone else is blogging about. This could be addicting…in a good way! Happy blogging to you as well. (song from Aladdin, A Whole New World, begins playing in my head as I tap the reply button…)

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